About Eger

Eger is the Baroque jewel in Hungary's crown. People in Eger are proud of this phrase, which is often repeated not only locally but also abroad. Eger is the third most visited town in the country thanks to its pleasant location, charming landscape, thermal baths, viticulture, and the hospitality of the local people. Every year over 1 million people come here to discover the town, to relax and to hike in the surrounding countryside.

The town's most famous sight is the castle, which has been besieged several times in its long and illustrious history. The well-known author Géza Gárdonyi, whose classic novel 'Eclipse of the Crescent Moon' immortalizes the heroic defence of the castle in 1554, is buried within the castle walls. The historic town centre contains many imposing architectural treasures of the Baroque and Post-Baroque. The Minaret, a remarkable reminder of the Turkish occupation, offers a breathtaking view of the town from its balcony.

The student population of approximately twenty thousand means Eger is a town which looks to its future as well as its past. The young people who are currently studying in the town are the wine-producers and businesspeople of the future: some will work abroad and some in the foreign businesses already established in Eger.

Eger also has a rich cultural life. Visitors have a wide choice of different cultural events, which offer an unforgettable experience and complete relaxation, making Eger an ideal destination for tourists all year round.

Eger and the surrounding villages offer a wide range of regularly organised folk and cultural events. Visitors to the area will experience first-hand village crafts and numerous local traditions.